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MapQuest to embrace open-source data for mapping site–1 giant leap.

July 9th, 2010 | 29 Comments | Posted in MapQuest by admin

AOL’s MapQuest announced at the 4th annual international State of the Map 2010 conference, their plan to be the first major mapping site to embrace and encourage open source mapping at scale–Open MapQuest site. As part of this initiative, MapQuest just launched their first site that is completely powered by open source data from OSM (open street map). MapQuest is the first large mapping company to embrace open-source mapping at large scale. See press note here

“Today we launched a version of the newly redesigned MapQuest, but on open data provided by the OpenStreetMap community,” Randy Meech, Head of Engineering for AOL Local.

“Not only is the map data open, but also this beta map stack uses popular open-source mapping software, including Mapnik for tile rendering, TileCache for caching, and Nominatim for geo-coding and search. We are now employing developers to contribute back to these projects for the benefit of the community,” Randy explained here–why its only for UK in first round of beta project and not US/Canada?
and Mapping

Since OpenStreetMap releases the data under an open license, there is no cost for AOL to use the data. However, AOL has pledged $1 million to support open-source mapping in the US. For the company, the main advantage of using this data source is clear, it’s cheaper. As WSJ stated, AOL’s MapQuest Looks to Wikipedia Model for Mapping. User can modify data/address/POI directly on that will reflect in using MapQuest Open UK site. In fact, since its using OSM, in actually works for any country data/direction/search which OSM supported, including US and Canada.

Mapquest UK open map data

Since its an experiment site, not all functionality is going to available on UK open source site, like one click search through business carousal, search on map, 360 views, drag-able route, satellite image —all are missed. However, the open maps may, in some cases, end up being more accurate thanks to the crowd-sourced data coming from local residents for core functionality, like LOCAL search and direction. Good luck and congratulations MapQuest!

via [Paid content, WSJ, MapQuest Blog, MapQuest developer Blog and thenextweb]

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MapQuest Street view- 360 view coverage is expanded to 120 cities in US and Canada

June 23rd, 2010 | 13 Comments | Posted in MapQuest by admin

MapQuest Rolled out additional coverage of Street view / 360 views to nearly to 120 cities in US and Canada. This morning they added more cities in Canada and US.

Check it out! MapQuest website

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MapQuest is game changing player in mobile GPS Navigation (turn-by-turn direction)

March 30th, 2010 | 11 Comments | Posted in MapQuest, iPhone by admin

MapQuest is playing with free navigation through its iPhone application-MapQuest for Mobile. Yep, you heard it correct… free navigation (turn by turn direction) functionality for apple iPhone. Its still in “basic status” and do not have lots of bells and whistles in it yet. Few manual operation instead of automatic; like –you have to press “re-route button” when you miss the turn; No street names etc. But hey free navigation on iPhone app is probably game changing event in mapping category. No need to update your GPS software as Route from MapQuest is backed by state-of-the-art routing mechanism and always up-to-data information about new roads, businesses etc.

And for MapQuest, I am sure its a big step towards a fight against all ‘cool’ competitors. Congratulations to MapQuest mobile team and very well done MapQuest-a brad which is synonyms to travel/driving direction.

MapQuest 4 Mobile Logo

According to the updated features listed on the iTunes site:

  • Voice-Guidance speaks to you and informs you of upcoming turns. Change the settings if you prefer a sound prompt.
  • Off-Route Assistance tells you when you’ve taken a wrong turn, and gives options to help you get back on track.

The app is available for free in Apple’s App Store. Give it a try today and post your comment. Currently ‘basic navigation’ available for US and Canada only.


Note that the MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone app is different than MapQuest Navigator, a similar mobile app that tracks your progress on screen and offers Turn-by-Turn navigation. However, that app costs between 99 cents and $3.99 per month.

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MapQuest 4 Mobile - an iPhone application

via [MapQuest blog] and []

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MapQuest 4 mobile 4 iPhone: Rich Mapping application for iPhone users

June 15th, 2009 | 6 Comments | Posted in MapQuest by admin

Today, Mapquest introduced Map application, for iPhone users, called MapQuest 4 mobile. Application is super user friendly and able to find just about anything with only one tap (one click.) Place Carousel allows finding hotels, gas stations, Grocery store, Bar etc with one tap. A traffic icon in carousel is ready for latest live traffic information for any location. MapQuest 4 mobile can search anything that you can search on website.

mapquest 4 iphone

mapquest 4 iphone

MapQuest 4 mobile for iPhone is able to provide directions between any location ‘A’ and ‘B’ from North America. User can ask to avoid Toll free road, High ways in directions. Also, provides an option for shortest time or shortest distance while calculating route. Its very handy feature when you want to run fast or save some gas. Sometime it’s difficult to read while you are driving but this application can allow you to see each maneuver step in landscape mode. During route you can add other destination and make it multi-point destination route and adjust the order of destination the way you want to visit.

MapQuest 4 iPhone

MapQuest 4 iPhone

The coolest part of this application is – it allows to retrieve your Saved maps and route which you saved on using you’re “My Places” account. Here’s how the My Places feature within MapQuest4Mobile works. If you haven’t already, create a free My Places account on Using the “Map” or “Directions” form, create a destination or route as you normally would, click the “Save” button instead of clicking “Print. Go to MapQuest 4 mobile for iPhone application and retrieve your Saved maps and route there. (Hey you already contributed something to save this world from Global warming by not printing maps and directions and saved tiny bit of tree)


Hitting “Find me” button finds your current location and avatar icon follows you on map as you travel. “Find Me” function utilizes iPhone GPS to plot your location on a map as well as display your position in relation to a route.

Fun aspects:
You can choose avatar icon from preloaded icons- cat, car, hand dog, battleship, ufo etc. User can also choose any photo taken via iPhone camera.


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch + iPhone 2.1 Software Update

Availability and Price:
Wow, it’s FREE on Apple iTune store.

Video of Mapquest 4 mobile for iPhone:

To see the feature-by-feature YouTube video, click

Via MapQuestBlog and @MapQuest Twitter message and and

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Easter egg hunt with MapQuest

April 10th, 2009 | 2 Comments | Posted in MapQuest, Website of the week by admin

Do you remember last year when Google Maps featured funny Google egg: If you ask for directions from an address in London to an address in the USA the ever helpful “Get directions” tool gives some great tips on how to cross the Pacific Ocean. Ha ha… See picture.

Today MapQuest rolled out new (fun) element, ‘Easter events search’, to their new ‘On-map search’ tool. Clicking egg icon from search tool will display all local Easter Egg Hunt’s events MapQuest map.

According to MapQuest blog: With over 233 listings in over 80 cities across the country, finding that perfect compliment to your Easter Sunday is merely a click away.

And if you are traveling on Easter day, no worries, they have functionality to find just about anything along your traveling route including Easter Egg Roll events.

Happy hunting everyone!

Via [MapQuest Blog and @MapQuest Twitter message]

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