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Google finance trick: Get multiple stock quote is one click.

June 4th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in Google, Tech for Life by admin

Every morning when I come to work, I check current price of my favorite stocks/ETFs. The easiest way for me to type ticker symbol in Google search box, hit enter and get the stock quote. But I have a long list of stocks that I would like to know today’s price. So, I need to enter one-by-one ticker symbol and get a quote one at a time. But here is the kicker: to view multiple stock quotes and/or fund information, enter two or more ticker symbols (rather than company names) into the Google search box. If all ticker symbols are correct then Google will give you “Stock quotes” link that includes all ticket symbols that you entered earlier. And Clicking on that link will give you all stocks quote in subsequent page including other useful information about each stock. Its a small trick but saves little bit time and few clicks.
Multiple quotes at once


Yahoo beats Google in providing real time stock quote

May 29th, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in Google, Tech/Biz News, Technology Talk, Website of the week, Yahoo! by Technology Madness

Yesterday, Yahoo Finance declared to provide real time stock quote on their finance portal. They announce the availability of free US real-time ECN (ECN stands for electronic communication network, and serves as alternative trading place to the various exchanges) quotes on Yahoo! Finance. Yahoo has partnered with a company called BATS Trading for such service.

As a matter of fact, Yahoo introduced such real time data back in August 2006 but later due to change in pricing structure, it’s been removed from Yahoo! Finance. But now, it’s back.

Google is still behind in the race of providing real time stock quote. (However, they (Google finance) do provide major Indices data in real time, but not any individual stock price - reference: here)

Check it out on and watch your favorite stock in real-time.

Here’s a screen shot from the normal quote page: (After the market closed, it stopped saying “real time” and started saying “After hours”):

Update: [June 3, 2008] Google just announced that they’ll be providing stock prices in real time on the Google Finance website. However, NYSE and Dow quotes remain delayed

Who else join the gang in providing live-real time quote: CNBC, Google, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network and Xignite.

“This is an important, and in many ways, overdue development in the U.S. securities markets,” stated Adena Friedman, Executive Vice President, NASDAQ OMX. “With universal access to the Internet and the real-time nature of the web, investors need real time data, and now they don’t have to pay for it, thanks to CNBC, Google, The Wall Street Journal Digital Network and Xignite.”

Google finance logo

Via [Yahoo Finance Blog and Google blog and BATS trading press release, Nasdaq]

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