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Visualising energy usage to change habits, Part B: The Home Joule

Another device which gives visual feedback on your habit and usage pattern. The Home Joule, is created on similar idea (Visualizing energy usage, Part A) it looks like a nightlight and plugs into any outlet in a home. (BTW, what is Joule? In the name-HomeJoule) The device displays not just energy usage, broadcast wirelessly by the consumer’s energy meter, but also the real-time cost of energy, which comes wirelessly from the energy company. The color of light emitted by the device represents the costs of the moment, with yellow and red light indicating expensive energy costs (Stop looking in your fridge for the temple of Gozer Or Stop setting your AC to Arctic.), while green means energy is cheaper because you are using less energy or cost of energy in your are is cheaper. On the opposite side, Red color means you should consume less electricity – either because you’re using a lot or because your energy cost is rising. If you respond to request for lower consumption, you can not only lower your utility bill but also earn rewards such as movie tickets.

The Home Joule

The idea is that consumers can then modify their consumption habit accordingly, switching off optional appliances, like TV and microwave during idling time and Laundry machine at peak times of the day. (Side note, please remember to turn off your computers and monitors to save energy over the long holiday weekends)

The Home Joule is from Ambient Devices and is currently available only to customers of Consumer Power line’s demand-response program in NYC and in limited testing outside New York City, mostly among participants in Demand Response programs

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Visualising energy usage to change habits: Part A - Power Conscience

July 3rd, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in Creative innovation, Digital home, Eco Friendly, Gadgets and toys, I want this by Technology Madness

It is proven concept that when you have monitor equipment, you can take corrective action. Like observing your car speedometer prompts you to take corrective action (Break) to reduce the speed and prevent us to get ticket. Similarly, reducing your household’s energy usage is to identify and monitor how much energy you use and take necessary action. Traditionally, energy meters are generally outside of your house and you won’t get a chance to see your energy usage until you receive the bill.

I have come across a few energy monitor products that fit in your living room setting, match with other furniture style and help you to visualize the usage of energy in real time. That allows you to change your energy use habits.

Power Conscience wall lamp, designed by Delroy Dennisur.

Power Conscience

This energy monitor is displaying some important information, like you are using 7 watt and $5.50/Hr is expected charge for it. This seems very boring information but designer Delroy Dennisur blends all this information with beautiful slim white box decorated with LEDs in a floral design that light up depending on your consumption. A “Power Conscience” energy monitor is getting sexier by the minute.

As the usage of energy increases, the leaves pictured on the Power Conscience will grow green at low consumption, and turn yellow at moderate level and eventually turn red when you guzzle high energy.

I like the concept of Visualising energy usage. The unit shows the energy consumption but not how much damage if actually does to the environment. It would be nice to see the fact and figures in terms of real impactful information. Like, when you uses ink-jet printing machine, it uses X number of tress. However, Delroy has solved the problem as an interaction designer. The rest is a task for the developers and engineers.

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