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Handpresso - real coffee during your next excursion

Handpresso is your own handy/portable manual espresso maker that’ll press out some energy boosting brew in no time flat. Just add a finely ground coffee bean pod and hot water and in no time, enjoy fresh espresso coffee.

How does it work? Nothing is easier! Just pump the machine, add hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle and a coffee pod. Then, serve a coffee in your cup by pushing the button. Enjoy!

The video explains it all. A bit expensive though

iPhone - Pocket guitar

I just came across the iphone guitar and I think its cool! I don’t have iPhone yet but If you have an iPhone you can find out more on this here.

Here is someone playing it

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Asus Eee PC 701 News Video

the Asus Eee PC was one of a handful of small, inexpensive PCs that had tech types buzzing with anticipation. Here is the video review.

Video #1

Video #2

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“Dosugus” cushion - Its a cushion for geeks.

“Dosugus” cushion, which should be a familiar sight to anyone of a certain age and would likely warm the cold, nerdy heart of anyone that receives it gift. Its a cushion for geeks. However, real geeks use Linux, not DOS! Anyway, its fun!

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Cup for Geek:

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Learn vocabulary and help end the world hunger

I recently came across

I guess it is very cool and creative idea. It is cool because you can learn vocabulary and help end the world hunger. Yeah your read it correct! you can learn vocabulary and help end the world hunger. The idea is very creative. This is how it works- you go to and play their vocabulary game. When you answer each question answered correctly 10 grains of rice will be donated by the sponsors to help people living in poverty. (I am not sure to which country though?) It is a win-win situation - you got to play the game, FreeRice get the good traffics, advertisers get their audience, and people in third world get the free rice. Please help to spread out the word. For more details, please read their FAQ page. The only issue I have is they should distribute rice in grams rather than 10 counts of rice as handful of rice may not fix the hunger until the site will get huge number of players/visitor. You can also track total rice donation by visiting this page.

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