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Adamo by Dell - “Apple Mac Book Air” Style New Laptop

Dell announced new Macbook style new laptop called “Adamo by Dell.” Dell is targeting user demographics that loves feel and look of Macbook Air but want to stick with Dell and windows. Adamo is slated to ship later in first quarter but no technical specification for Adamo yet. . “Prepare to fall in love,” says Dell’s Adamo laptop Web site, which then invites users to sign up to see how the “love story” unfolds.

Adamo won’t be just a laptop, but a whole new brand name of luxury products, said Michael Tatelman, vice president of global consumer sales and marketing at Dell at CES. The word Adamo means to fall in love with, Tatelman said at the time.

Quick Specification:

  • Dell is going to introduced in two colors: Black and White/Silver.
  • Key board is going to back lighted.
  • Screen Size: 13.3-inches
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Graphics: Integrated
  • Thickness: Less than 1” thin.
  • Battery life: 5 Hours
  • Dell Adamo Photo Gallery

Adamo by Dell Video

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What is Social Media?

February 4th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in Lifestyle, Marketing, Social marketplace, Social media by admin

Gotta love this social media presentation. It may contain some “sort of” offensive language but its very well presented. Have a look:

View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: socialmediamarketing

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Travel between Los Angelis and Seattle in one tank of Compressed AIR

Air Car

Could the Air Car be the next generation motor vehicle? Could this charming (but looks very retro) car be the starting of ‘death’ count-down for the oil-petroleum guzzler automotive industry in coming days?

Air Car is running exclusively on compressed air, it emits only air - zero pollution. The air car claims to be able to drive 106 miles per gallon which is 170 kilometer per gallon. Now lets say if car has 10 gallon tank, it means you can drive 1060 Miles in one tank of Gas (opppss, sorry, please read AIR, not gas) that is approximately distance between Los Angelis and Seattle. Wow, now this is amazing fuel economy.

Air Car

It’s NOT a dream or a project on paper but ZPM ( will begin taking reservations in mid-2009 for US deliveries of our compressed air vehicle in 2010. It is estimated to have a retail price of $17,800USD. A six-seater model is the first Air Car scheduled to enter the US. On top of all cool specs, this car has no keys - just an access card which can be read directly from your pocket. Also, Refilling the car tank will cost $2 (…that is unless the price of air goes up… he he)

Check it out. Watch this you tube video:

Via [ and]

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Visualising energy usage to change habits, Part B: The Home Joule

Another device which gives visual feedback on your habit and usage pattern. The Home Joule, is created on similar idea (Visualizing energy usage, Part A) it looks like a nightlight and plugs into any outlet in a home. (BTW, what is Joule? In the name-HomeJoule) The device displays not just energy usage, broadcast wirelessly by the consumer’s energy meter, but also the real-time cost of energy, which comes wirelessly from the energy company. The color of light emitted by the device represents the costs of the moment, with yellow and red light indicating expensive energy costs (Stop looking in your fridge for the temple of Gozer Or Stop setting your AC to Arctic.), while green means energy is cheaper because you are using less energy or cost of energy in your are is cheaper. On the opposite side, Red color means you should consume less electricity – either because you’re using a lot or because your energy cost is rising. If you respond to request for lower consumption, you can not only lower your utility bill but also earn rewards such as movie tickets.

The Home Joule

The idea is that consumers can then modify their consumption habit accordingly, switching off optional appliances, like TV and microwave during idling time and Laundry machine at peak times of the day. (Side note, please remember to turn off your computers and monitors to save energy over the long holiday weekends)

The Home Joule is from Ambient Devices and is currently available only to customers of Consumer Power line’s demand-response program in NYC and in limited testing outside New York City, mostly among participants in Demand Response programs

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Goodbye wires, Hello to wireless power transfer.

July 1st, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in Creative innovation, Digital home, Lifestyle, Next big thing by admin

Today, portable technology and gadgets are a part of every day life. But it comes with the mess of cables. More gadgets you have, it means more mess of electric wires you have. You have battery operates gadgets but eventually it has to plug in back with wires to renews its energy. But now think about the stuff, where your cell phone, Mp3 players, laptops etc gets their power and re-charge it by receive its power wirelessly–quite literally, “out of thin air”. Yep, you read correct. It’s much closer to reality than you might think.

A team from MIT’s was able to light a 60W light bulb from a power source seven feet away; there was no physical connection between the power outlet (source) and 60W light bulb.
The team called their invention WiTricity, short for “wireless electricity.”

MIT - wireless electricity

So, what is the advantage of wireless electricity power?

  • It could eliminate that rat’s nest of cords under your desk.
  • You would no longer have to wrangle for an outlet at business conferences.
  • And your home would keep your gadgets constantly powered up

wireless ele

However, this experiment is far from commercial implementations. Don’t expect to charge your laptop or cell phone at the airport lounge or coffee shop. Till then we have to deal with all wires and its mess. However, as an interim solution, we can satisfy ourselves with The Powerblock; it is a shield that hides all of the tangled mess of wires connected to all of your gadgets. Powerblock comes in a white color and can be placed against the wall to shield the wires.


Via [, and physorg]

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Reduce the global warming with few clicks.

On this World Environment day, if you don’t want to go out and plant a tree (yard work) but at least you can promote tree planting using unique search engine which promises to plan a tree for every 1000 searches made. This will help to offset tons of greenhouse gases. is using yahoo search technology for search engine.

Simarly, Ecoogler, the ecological search engine, has created quite a bit of buzz with the same theme. They promise to help reforesting trees and safeguard water resources in the Amazon region, which constitute today one fourth of the fresh water reserves of our planet. Ecoogler is using Yahoo technology. However, it’s worth noting that some people believe that Ecoogler is a fake, as you can read on Digg. Ecoogler says that you get same results (as Yahoo) and help the non-profit association Aquaverde founded in Geneva, Switzerland, in 2002. Ecoogler promises to grow a tree pre 10,000 searches.
One of the reader on is not so happy about this standards.

1 tree for 10,000 searches doesn’t seem that generous to me. A comparable search engine that uses google, offers 1 penny to a non-profit of your choosing. Even if I did a 100 searches a day, which seems somewhat high, it would take 100 days to plant a single tree. I know there are other programs which will plant many more trees for an equivalent effort.

Obviously I like the idea but I think Ecoogler missed the mark. Also switching to the yahoo engine is not a plus for me, if they had kept using the google engine I could switch my habit much more easily. As it stands now I think there are much better alternatives.
- Eniryt Manaen

Via [ and and ecocho blog]

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Conference Bike turns corporate meetings into a funride

I have seen many companies trying may weird type of things for team building events, ranging from group cooking class to wine/beer testing events. Recently I was in one of the boring party at local brewery. I also notice that less people are attending such company wide meeting at some boring place. Employee with children will attend if picnic is set up at corn field or apple picking farm.

To add a twist in the long conference party ideas, Conference Bike is nice idea for arranging conference. Especially when team members like to sweat a bit. The Dutch Bicycle Company has created a Conference Bike, which promises to be the sure-fire ice-breaker in corporate and/or social environment. (and corporate bosses and executive look like children in a park) CoBi-7 retails for $12,750 in the States while the 5-seater model sells for $8,750. The 400lb bike measures 2.5m L x 1.8m W x 1.4m H and can run upto 1o mph speed.

In case you’re wondering how this bike would be useful in scenarios other than a corporate set up, let me tell you, the two models of the bike, CoBi-5 (good for 5 persons) and CoBi-7 (good for 7 persons) are already being used to employees on the campus in California, campus in Mountain View CA, as a tour bike in Berlin, and as a corporate team-building tool in London and other major cities.

You tube video about Conference Bike:

Google Employee Riding Conference bike:

Via [Conference Bike and Seven-Person Conference Bicycle and cobi and trend watch and]

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Your own private kegger for St. Patrick’s Day

March 14th, 2008 | 1 Comment | Posted in DIY, Digital home, Home, Lifestyle, TGIF by admin

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! one of the biggest drinking holidays here in the US. This attractive dispenser accommodates a 5-liter mini-keg. Have a nice St. Patrick’s Day to all of you.

Via [cnet]

Credit card without numbers and name - revolution money card

September 24th, 2007 | 22 Comments | Posted in E-commerce, Lifestyle, Tech/Biz News, Technology Talk, Web 2.0 by admin

A large group of very heavy hitters, chaired by former AOL man Ted Leonsis, has launched a new financial services company called Revolution Money - RevolutionCard. Company is introducing a credit (Revolution)card without number on card and name. They promises new way to pay, new level of security. No worries when you lost your credit card as it has no name and number on it. This one is PIN based credit card, I am guessing that you need to enter PIN every time your purchase. Something similar to your ATM and DEBIT cards. Any unauthorized user must know your PIN to make purchases. And you can change your PIN as often as you like. Currently, transfer balance is not available for this credit card.

MoneyExchange is another service from them to exchange money between two MoneyExchange account holder. (same as one paypal user send money to another paypal user) Consumers will be able to use Revolution MoneyExchange across a variety of Internet platforms and portals, including social networks and Instant Messaging portals

Revolution MoneyExchange launched in invitation-only beta form today and will be gradually expanded before being made available to all consumers later this year.


Company promises:

  • No physical data is stored on the card.
  • Limits identity theft
  • Reduces fraudulent charges
  • Lowers risk if card is lost or stolen
  • Credit card with flexible features
  • PIN-based for greater control and security

Is this credit card targeting PAYPAL? I am not sure how many merchants will start accepting when card is out. Let’s see. It’s a nice concept, indeed…

“Payment security and identity theft are big concerns for virtually everyone today,” said Hogg. ” That is why we have created a network based on the latest technology that provides consumers the highest security available. Whether a consumer wants the benefits of a traditional credit card, pays bills online or transfers money, Revolution Money is the most cost-effective and secure offering available.” - via [Revolution card and here]

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AOL co-founder backs new online payment firm Co-founder of America Online Steve Case speaks at the Health Care Innovation and Technology Congress in Washington November 11, 2005. Case is backing a new online payment company that promises to let users transfer funds for free and offer a credit card with sharply lower fees for merchants.

Jason Hogg, President and CEO of RevolutionMoney, pictured with his RevolutionMoney card kiosks at their headquarters in downtown St. Petersburg.

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