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Very simple concept yet elegant and brilliant design

July 29th, 2008 | No Comments | Posted in Creative innovation, Non-Tech Toy, Simple yet brilliant by admin

Nailing For Dummies (Nail Assist):
Some people can’t shoot the straight. I mean can’t hammer a nail straight. ‘Nail Assist’ is a god grace to them. It’s like Nailing For Dummies. Concept is very simple yet elegant and brilliant design. You put a nail in the tube, put it where you want, and bang on wide head/top and done. Magnetic piece inside the hollow tube will hold the nail straight. Make sure you hold the tube firmly while hammering the wide headed tube. There is no way you can go wrong. See how it works in below pictures:
Nail Assist - Guide
Nail Assist

Hang On Outlet:
I often notice bunch of electric wires are spreading around on the floor and disturb the harmony of my living room. One of the ideas that I mentioned is to hide all wires by using Powerblock. (See picture here) “Hang On Outlet” another cool product to organize your wires and keep the bunch of wires and the area neat, tidy and in harmony. Very simple idea yet brilliant.
Hang electric outlet
Original idea of the product (Paulo Oh, designer) is to promote unplugging habit when it is not in use (note: I don’t know why all countries don’t require switches on the power points) and you can save massive amount of wasted energy. (See how much you can save? Electricity Usage Monitor)But I like the hanging design more for keepping wires are in right place and avoid tangling. Of course, I am always for energy saving. See here, here and here.

Hang electric outlet
Hang electric outlet

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Conference Bike turns corporate meetings into a funride

I have seen many companies trying may weird type of things for team building events, ranging from group cooking class to wine/beer testing events. Recently I was in one of the boring party at local brewery. I also notice that less people are attending such company wide meeting at some boring place. Employee with children will attend if picnic is set up at corn field or apple picking farm.

To add a twist in the long conference party ideas, Conference Bike is nice idea for arranging conference. Especially when team members like to sweat a bit. The Dutch Bicycle Company has created a Conference Bike, which promises to be the sure-fire ice-breaker in corporate and/or social environment. (and corporate bosses and executive look like children in a park) CoBi-7 retails for $12,750 in the States while the 5-seater model sells for $8,750. The 400lb bike measures 2.5m L x 1.8m W x 1.4m H and can run upto 1o mph speed.

In case you’re wondering how this bike would be useful in scenarios other than a corporate set up, let me tell you, the two models of the bike, CoBi-5 (good for 5 persons) and CoBi-7 (good for 7 persons) are already being used to employees on the campus in California, campus in Mountain View CA, as a tour bike in Berlin, and as a corporate team-building tool in London and other major cities.

You tube video about Conference Bike:

Google Employee Riding Conference bike:

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Cool key-shaped bottle opener

March 27th, 2007 | 1 Comment | Posted in Amusing Stuff, Creative innovation, Non-Tech Toy by admin

KEY BOTTLE OPENER BY SUCK UK: A very nice product from I often see my self looking around beer bottle opener and opener with your key bunch would be blesses and stylish too! This is the coolest Bottle opener you could hang from your key chain. It is made from tough nickel steel. The key-shaped bottle opener will impress and bemuse everywhere you go - just don’t try to open your front door with it! [greenergrassdesign]