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Super slow motion videography

August 5th, 2010 | 11 Comments | Posted in Amusing Stuff, Video of the week by admin

Super slow motion videography. Shot on the Photron SA1.1 high-speed camera, capable of recording 5,000 frames per second (fps) at high resolution and 650,000 fps in low resolution. Directed and produced by Philip Heron and James Adair.

Tempus II from Philip Heron on Vimeo.


Boeing 787 Dream-liner, first touchdown video

July 19th, 2010 | 2 Comments | Posted in Amusing Stuff, Video of the week by admin

This is a video of a Boeing 787 Dream-liner landing at the Farnborough International Airshow for its international debut. This is Boeing’s long-range, mid-size plane of the future, and it features extensive use of composite materials. more cool information about 787: Boeing 787 Dream-liner Test flight Nippon Airways is the first customer of the plane.





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Architectural wonders: New view every day, Eco-friendly rotating Residential-Commercial tower

June 13th, 2008 | 3 Comments | Posted in Amusing Stuff, Creative innovation, Eco Friendly, Video of the week, YouTube Video by Technology Madness

United Arab Emirate is gaining widespread global attention: Dubai is experiencing a construction boom, with new buildings going up at a pace that rivals China’s development. Dubai’s growth is exponentially impressive in last few years and its going to supply Architectural wonders in coming years. See Dubai’s wonders here and here.

However, growth and new construction comes with the side effect of pollution and carbon foot prints. But now things are changing, not only they construct with environmental friendly martial and follow safe-eco-practice in construction but continue to contribute the same forever (for building itself and the neighborhood.) Yes, there is new news from Fisher’s Dynamic Architecture firm. New build is going to be energy self-sufficient by sun and wind powered design.

Tower Rotating Dubai

The tower is going to be twirling around the tall shaft. Rotation of each building block around the shaft is going to contribute in energy production for the building and neighbors. Its construction is set to begin this month! The Dynamic Architecture building has been appropriately named Rotating Tower as the floors would be rotating around an inner-tall shaft. It will be continually in motion, changing shape and giving residents the ability to choose a new view at the touch of a button. Beyond doubt, every day is a new day! Guaranteed! The external view of the building would constantly change as each floor rotates separately giving a new view of the building as it turns. According to architect, David Fisher, the building is going to be strong and flexible enough to disaster like, earthquakes as each floor rotates separately.
Rotating Tower Dubai

Must see Youtube video: The first World Dynamic Architecture in DuBai project

Via [bdonline and AnkitSruti blog] and at Dubai’s Skyscraper and

Extra reading:
Architect David Fisher profile: here

Dubious Dubai Museum

Japan’s Plan For World’s Tallest Building

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End of one more boring task - inflate your car tire

Tiers commonly leak slowly and unnoticeably. It’s very boring to visit gas station, almost every month, to inflate your car tire. Its also time consuming if you want to find a gas station which offers free compressed air to their customer. It is important to have your car tier inflated up to tire manufacturer’s recommendations. It improves gas mileage and tire longevity. Poor tire pressure costs the US an extra $3.7 billion in fuel annually. (source here:

Latest automobile technology has an answer for the problem. Technology called “SIT” Self-inflating Tires. SIT is a newly developed, very simple, inexpensive and reliable system for Self-inflating Tires. SIT consisting of just two components: a peristaltic pump and a stop-valve that stops over-inflation. However, it is not as simple as it sounds. Brilliant design of CODA DEVELOPMENT, Czech Republic works behind this break-through innovation.

How it works:
SIT is an integral tire component that uses atmospheric air to automatically inflate the tire. As a main source of energy it uses only wheel rotation, so there is no compressor or similar additional device needed. The inflation capability doesn’t depend on the speed of the vehicle. It can be inflated with any speed. However, it can not inflate when car is not in motion. Principally, a round tube embedded in the tire’s sidewall is squeezed together at the bottom as the tire rolls, forcing air into the tire. Once it’s inflated to the stop value stops pressure - which can be mechanical — shuts off. That’s it.

Currently SIT is not in commercially production but they demonstrated SIT technology at SAE World Congress in April 2008.

Via [Code developmant]

Extra reading:

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Update (Aug 5, 2008): With reference to Obama and Mccain’s latest tug of war about tire pressure issue, (and read this too!) Obama or Maccain should include automatic self inflating tire technology in their energy plan and should promise to offer tax credit for installing SIT (self inflating tire) in your car tire. What do you think about it?

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Apple Macbook air - La-la-la-la-la-la-la- Yael Naim

You might have seen latest “Apple Macbook air” commercial. It seems “Macbook air” is less popular than its commercial. According to Yahoo buzz news, her (Yaël Naïm) buzz has scaled up 550% in the past week. Yaël Naïm, Israeli singer is the latest to sing sweet song for the company’s newest product – Apple Macbook air. The tune itself, “New Soul,” has hit the top 50,000 in Buzz terms, and more people are still seeking out what that “macbook air commercial song” (+117%) is. It seems New Soul created more buzz than product itself. No matter what, song is really sweet and beautiful. All credit goes to David Donatien, Yael Naim and band- (and Apple too!)

Via [Yahoo buzz]

New Soul lyrics by Yael Naim

Yael Naim Band website Yael Naim On Wiki

Yael Naim On Myspace

New Soul CD on (opens in a new window)

Apple MacBook Air commercial

Introduction of the Apple MacBook Air (MacWorld 2008) - Part 1

Introduction of the Apple MacBook Air (MacWorld 2008) - Part 2

Just in case if you are interested, here is Walt Mossberg’s First Impressions of Apple’s MacBookAir: Link

Unboxing a MacBook Air

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Handpresso - real coffee during your next excursion

Handpresso is your own handy/portable manual espresso maker that’ll press out some energy boosting brew in no time flat. Just add a finely ground coffee bean pod and hot water and in no time, enjoy fresh espresso coffee.

How does it work? Nothing is easier! Just pump the machine, add hot water from a kettle or a thermo insulated bottle and a coffee pod. Then, serve a coffee in your cup by pushing the button. Enjoy!

The video explains it all. A bit expensive though

iPhone - Pocket guitar

I just came across the iphone guitar and I think its cool! I don’t have iPhone yet but If you have an iPhone you can find out more on this here.

Here is someone playing it

Via [gizmodo]

Apple leopard line is ridiculous

October 27th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in Apple, Christmas Gift Idea, Video of the week, YouTube Video, iPhone, ipod by admin

Drove by the Apple flag ship store on 5th Avenue in NYC last night.  At 8.00 PM there were still about 50 to 100 people on line in the pouring rain.  A little crazy but I guess some people have to be the first to get Leopard.

Video: In line to buy Leopard at the Roseville Apple store


Video: The Mac faithful line up for the official kick-off of the new Mac OS at the Apple Store in Northbrook, Illinois on Friday, October 26th, 2007.


This is the line right before 6 at the Apple Store in Columbia, MD

Video: This was the line for the release of Leopard at the Apple Store in Bluewater Shopping in the UK.

The week dollar must make it really, really cheap for Europeans and Brits to buy computers here, unpack them for the trip home, so they don’t have to claim them on customs forms, and claim they had them already when entering the USA if ever stopped at customs.

Via [Google Finance- AAPL and YouTube]

Smart Car by GmbH - DaimlerChrysler

September 17th, 2007 | No Comments | Posted in Automotive, Video of the week, YouTube Video by admin

The Smart car, manufactured by smart GmbH, a division of DaimlerChrysler, is the most fuel-efficient gas powered car on the road today, and is the third-most fuel efficient vehicle in the U.S, with hybrid vehicles holding the first two spots. The smart car gets an estimated 40 - 50 miles per gallon, and is powered by a 3-cylinder gas engine. The gas tank holds 8.67 gallons, and the vehicle possesses both an automatic or manual mode of operation. At only 8.2 feet long, and weighing in at just 1,588 pounds, it is the smallest vehicle on the road today. The vehicle comes with air, power windows, and driver and passenger airbags.

The Smart car is made out of a titanium egg shell that is designed to protect the passengers inside. Still, it can be intimidating when moving at 70 miles an hour down the expressway. Watch this (below) Smart Car crash test video and judge for yourself! This car coming to the U.S. early next year.

Smart Crash Test - video powered by Metacafe

via [here]

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