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Recently one of my friend from Seattle recommended, a site that you can listen to and purchase music (which you can load to any Mp3 music player including iPod, iphone, zune etc) Originally was developed to do CD-trading but re-launched in October 2008 as a music retailer.


After one day of using, I started liking it-a lot. And started believing, “there’s nothing you don’t do in a browser.” creation of with seamless and fast music streaming is the prime example of finest piece of software. (BTW- in my opinion, iTunes is no where near any competition)

So here works: You need to sign-up to listen music; Once you sign-in, you will get instant 50 song credit (1 credit=you can add songs (they called it as “web song”) to your play-list, they called it as “collection(s)”) Once you run out of credit; you can add “web song” to your “collection” use of 1 dime (1 song for 10 cents) Later, If you later decide to also buy (download) the MP3 (web song), the 10 cents you paid for the web song is credited towards the MP3. Buy/download songs run about .79 to .99. Lala is a great way to listen to an entire song before buying. (Or “try it (for cheap) before buy it (for reasonable price)”) All of the MP3s on are DRM-free music downloads, and are compatible with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Since all collection and purchases are attached to you account; you can log-in to from Home, school, library and can access all “collections” from web without any issue. provides full-featured mucis player on web that you generally would get from desktop application, like, iTunes or window media player.

“Lala May Have Just Built The Next Revolution In Digital Music. The company has the best streaming music product on the Internet today, and a business model that doesn’t burn cash… It’s the joy of using products like Lala that keeps me excited about startups.” -

So it boils down to this — is faster (than desktop music player), cheaper (than iTunes), super intuitive (than iTunes and windows media payer), absolutely legal, and available from anywhere anytime from web. Lala is super fantastic.

Have you tried Lala? What did you think?

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Adamo by Dell - “Apple Mac Book Air” Style New Laptop

Dell announced new Macbook style new laptop called “Adamo by Dell.” Dell is targeting user demographics that loves feel and look of Macbook Air but want to stick with Dell and windows. Adamo is slated to ship later in first quarter but no technical specification for Adamo yet. . “Prepare to fall in love,” says Dell’s Adamo laptop Web site, which then invites users to sign up to see how the “love story” unfolds.

Adamo won’t be just a laptop, but a whole new brand name of luxury products, said Michael Tatelman, vice president of global consumer sales and marketing at Dell at CES. The word Adamo means to fall in love with, Tatelman said at the time.

Quick Specification:

  • Dell is going to introduced in two colors: Black and White/Silver.
  • Key board is going to back lighted.
  • Screen Size: 13.3-inches
  • Processor: Core 2 Duo
  • Graphics: Integrated
  • Thickness: Less than 1” thin.
  • Battery life: 5 Hours
  • Dell Adamo Photo Gallery

Adamo by Dell Video

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Microsoft Gives Glimpse Into the Future of productivity

March 1st, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Amusing Stuff, Digital home, Productivity by admin

I just watched Microsoft’s futuristic vision about day-to-day activity and showcase concepts of what the future holds for productivity. It’s all about touch screen technology, lightweight internet connectivity and some cool-interesting ideas that would perfectly change the way we do and see the stuff around us. I am sure its going to be couple of decades to see such vision into reality. However, Microsoft’s Stephen Elop who used this video in his presentation imagines that the technology you see in this video achievable within five years. If you want to watch the full presentation by Stephen Elop on the future of business and technology, you can find here or below (Silverlight required)

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Dell Mini 9 for $199, only today

Happy Friday to all deal hunters. I got this deal in my e-mail. Do you have an extra $199? You can purchase DELL Mini 9 laptop (netbook) for just $199, only for today (Feb 27, 2009)

Today is the day to get your grubby little hands on one. Dell is offering a one-day only deal for the base model of their highly-rated Inspiron Mini 9 netbook computer for just $199 bucks! May be a good start for your 4th or 5th grader kid.

The Mini 9 runs on…

  • Ubuntu Linux and
  • features a crisp 1024 x 600 resolution
  • 8.9″ color LCD screen, wireless connectivity,
  • Intel Atom N270 processor (1.6GHz)
  • and a 4GB solid state drive
  • 4-cell battery

The special deal is good from 12:00am to 11:59pm Central Time, today, Feb 27, 2009.

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OSIM iCare 200: Gift for all.

After a long day working with computer or after eye-intensive work, it would have been nicer if we can get an eye massage the way we get body massage. (Obviously with not the same force and intensity but gentle touch like feather.)

Massage Mask iCare

OSIM launched iCare, the stylish ergonomically designed eye belt/mask featuring effective massage on and around eye with various level of combination of heat, air pressure and vibration. There is no setting for cold massage. I am sure; technically it’s challenging to provide cold massage functionality and stay in reasonable price range. Currently its marketed in $129 USD.

Various pre-defined setting and manual arrangement gives you stimulate blood circulation and provide relief from a number of common eye conditions including eye strain, tiredness, insomnia and headache.

Have you used this eye belt? Please feel free to post your experience and comment about it.

Via [OSIM]

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Who will feed your Fish when you are out?

My wife frequently asks me to bring pet animal at home (i.e.: Fish) but I have some (maintenance) problem, especially who will feed my fish when we are out?

Now she got an answer to my dilemma - A Robotic Fish Feeder is the answer. (Designer: Ran Xiangfei) FIFER robot (Fish Feeder) does feeding job to Fish. Fish finally get the attention they deserve. One less item you need to worry about on your day to day tasks. (Related article: End of one more boring task - inflate your car tire)

Fish Feeder

Fish feeder not only feeds but feeds the fish in correct amount. First it calculates the density of Fish in water and dispenses the right amount of food at the pre-set times. If you are growing fish in fish pond then Robot moves to another area (based on pre-set path setting) of the pond calculate the fish density and dispenses. There is also a plant on top which grows to represent the health of your fish.

Fish Feeder

See more pictures here

Via [ and Designer: Ran Xiangfei]

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Visualising energy usage to change habits, Part B: The Home Joule

Another device which gives visual feedback on your habit and usage pattern. The Home Joule, is created on similar idea (Visualizing energy usage, Part A) it looks like a nightlight and plugs into any outlet in a home. (BTW, what is Joule? In the name-HomeJoule) The device displays not just energy usage, broadcast wirelessly by the consumer’s energy meter, but also the real-time cost of energy, which comes wirelessly from the energy company. The color of light emitted by the device represents the costs of the moment, with yellow and red light indicating expensive energy costs (Stop looking in your fridge for the temple of Gozer Or Stop setting your AC to Arctic.), while green means energy is cheaper because you are using less energy or cost of energy in your are is cheaper. On the opposite side, Red color means you should consume less electricity – either because you’re using a lot or because your energy cost is rising. If you respond to request for lower consumption, you can not only lower your utility bill but also earn rewards such as movie tickets.

The Home Joule

The idea is that consumers can then modify their consumption habit accordingly, switching off optional appliances, like TV and microwave during idling time and Laundry machine at peak times of the day. (Side note, please remember to turn off your computers and monitors to save energy over the long holiday weekends)

The Home Joule is from Ambient Devices and is currently available only to customers of Consumer Power line’s demand-response program in NYC and in limited testing outside New York City, mostly among participants in Demand Response programs

Via []

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Visualising energy usage to change habits: Part A - Power Conscience

July 3rd, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in Creative innovation, Digital home, Eco Friendly, Gadgets and toys, I want this by Technology Madness

It is proven concept that when you have monitor equipment, you can take corrective action. Like observing your car speedometer prompts you to take corrective action (Break) to reduce the speed and prevent us to get ticket. Similarly, reducing your household’s energy usage is to identify and monitor how much energy you use and take necessary action. Traditionally, energy meters are generally outside of your house and you won’t get a chance to see your energy usage until you receive the bill.

I have come across a few energy monitor products that fit in your living room setting, match with other furniture style and help you to visualize the usage of energy in real time. That allows you to change your energy use habits.

Power Conscience wall lamp, designed by Delroy Dennisur.

Power Conscience

This energy monitor is displaying some important information, like you are using 7 watt and $5.50/Hr is expected charge for it. This seems very boring information but designer Delroy Dennisur blends all this information with beautiful slim white box decorated with LEDs in a floral design that light up depending on your consumption. A “Power Conscience” energy monitor is getting sexier by the minute.

As the usage of energy increases, the leaves pictured on the Power Conscience will grow green at low consumption, and turn yellow at moderate level and eventually turn red when you guzzle high energy.

I like the concept of Visualising energy usage. The unit shows the energy consumption but not how much damage if actually does to the environment. It would be nice to see the fact and figures in terms of real impactful information. Like, when you uses ink-jet printing machine, it uses X number of tress. However, Delroy has solved the problem as an interaction designer. The rest is a task for the developers and engineers.

via [hippyshopper] and

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Goodbye wires, Hello to wireless power transfer.

July 1st, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in Creative innovation, Digital home, Lifestyle, Next big thing by admin

Today, portable technology and gadgets are a part of every day life. But it comes with the mess of cables. More gadgets you have, it means more mess of electric wires you have. You have battery operates gadgets but eventually it has to plug in back with wires to renews its energy. But now think about the stuff, where your cell phone, Mp3 players, laptops etc gets their power and re-charge it by receive its power wirelessly–quite literally, “out of thin air”. Yep, you read correct. It’s much closer to reality than you might think.

A team from MIT’s was able to light a 60W light bulb from a power source seven feet away; there was no physical connection between the power outlet (source) and 60W light bulb.
The team called their invention WiTricity, short for “wireless electricity.”

MIT - wireless electricity

So, what is the advantage of wireless electricity power?

  • It could eliminate that rat’s nest of cords under your desk.
  • You would no longer have to wrangle for an outlet at business conferences.
  • And your home would keep your gadgets constantly powered up

wireless ele

However, this experiment is far from commercial implementations. Don’t expect to charge your laptop or cell phone at the airport lounge or coffee shop. Till then we have to deal with all wires and its mess. However, as an interim solution, we can satisfy ourselves with The Powerblock; it is a shield that hides all of the tangled mess of wires connected to all of your gadgets. Powerblock comes in a white color and can be placed against the wall to shield the wires.


Via [, and physorg]

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Unique Computer without monitor

June 30th, 2008 | 2 Comments | Posted in Amusing Stuff, Computer, Creative innovation, Digital home by admin

Wow, very unique computer (hardware) design by Korean designer Won-Seok Lee. He removed the monitor as an integral part of computer. Instead, he designed the computer as a overhead projector and beam on a drape or a wall. Beaming is coming out of funnel (or rather periscope kind of design of computer) to the wall. Integrated optical drive is a part of its circular base. Also, base is integrated with thin membrane keyboard that appears when needed. On top of everything, this computer can be use to beam an appropriate ambient light effects as needed. So, once you are done with work, just in a few clicks, create a party atmosphere for your inner party animal.

Computer Design

for more pictures see [yankodesign]

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