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How to create password protected zip file (compressed) in Mac OSX

January 1st, 2012 | 12 Comments | Posted in Apple, HowTo by admin

There is no need to buy third-party tool to compress or to Zip file. Mac OS interface comes with built in functionality of compressing file. There are two ways to to compress Or zip files.

if you want to compress the file:

Method 1: Compress the file without password protection

1. In finder, locate the file.
2. Do a right click on file name
3. There is an option “compress” in the contextual action menu.
4. Click on “compress”, you will find compressed (.Zip) file in same directory

Method 2a: Compress (.Zip) the file WITH password protection

1. In “spotlight” (click top right “magnifying glass”), Search for “terminal” and open it.
2. Go to the directory where the files are stored that you wanted to compress
3. type following command
4. “zip -e file1.txt file2.txt” (notice the ‘-e’, it means: encrypt)
5. Once you enter the command, system will prompt you to supply password twice. Just enter the password you wish to set, and it’s done!
6. You should see appear in the directory.

if you want to compress the directory:

Method 2b: Compress (.Zip) the directory WITH password protection

1. In “spotlight” (click top right “magnifying glass”), Search for “terminal” and open it.
2. Go to the directory where the Directory is stored (directory consist more then few files) that you wanted to compress
3. type following command
4. “zip -er DirectoryName” (notice the ‘-e’, it means: encrypt and ‘-r’ means: recurse into directories)
5. Once you enter the command, system will prompt you to supply password twice. Just enter the password you wish to set, and it’s done!
6. You should see appear in the directory.

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Recently one of my friend from Seattle recommended, a site that you can listen to and purchase music (which you can load to any Mp3 music player including iPod, iphone, zune etc) Originally was developed to do CD-trading but re-launched in October 2008 as a music retailer.


After one day of using, I started liking it-a lot. And started believing, “there’s nothing you don’t do in a browser.” creation of with seamless and fast music streaming is the prime example of finest piece of software. (BTW- in my opinion, iTunes is no where near any competition)

So here works: You need to sign-up to listen music; Once you sign-in, you will get instant 50 song credit (1 credit=you can add songs (they called it as “web song”) to your play-list, they called it as “collection(s)”) Once you run out of credit; you can add “web song” to your “collection” use of 1 dime (1 song for 10 cents) Later, If you later decide to also buy (download) the MP3 (web song), the 10 cents you paid for the web song is credited towards the MP3. Buy/download songs run about .79 to .99. Lala is a great way to listen to an entire song before buying. (Or “try it (for cheap) before buy it (for reasonable price)”) All of the MP3s on are DRM-free music downloads, and are compatible with iTunes and Windows Media Player.

Since all collection and purchases are attached to you account; you can log-in to from Home, school, library and can access all “collections” from web without any issue. provides full-featured mucis player on web that you generally would get from desktop application, like, iTunes or window media player.

“Lala May Have Just Built The Next Revolution In Digital Music. The company has the best streaming music product on the Internet today, and a business model that doesn’t burn cash… It’s the joy of using products like Lala that keeps me excited about startups.” -

So it boils down to this — is faster (than desktop music player), cheaper (than iTunes), super intuitive (than iTunes and windows media payer), absolutely legal, and available from anywhere anytime from web. Lala is super fantastic.

Have you tried Lala? What did you think?

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Maximize iphone 3G’s Battery Life With OS 3.0

June 20th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in Apple, DIY, HowTo, iPhone by admin

I was excited about iPhone OS 3.0; no complaints so far but one thing I notice that my iPhone consumes more battery power that earlier and reduce live battery time. Personally battery life with 3.0 is not what I had hoped for; need to recharge the battery frequently than what I used to. Battery issue is not new for any gadgets; see what battery live your laptop is giving you.

With iPhone 3.0 release, Apple stated that “Depending on how they are configured, a few features may decrease your iPhone battery life.”

At the same time Apple gave some valuable suggestion to save battery and keep your battery life bit longer.

Here is a nice list of twelve battery saving ideas, courtesy of Apple:

Turn off 3G if you are not very speed freak.
Minimize use of location services.
Fetch new data less frequently.
Turn off push mail.
Auto-check fewer email accounts.
Minimize use of third-party applications.
Turn off Wi-Fi.
Turn off Bluetooth.
Use Airplane Mode in low- or no-coverage areas
Adjust brightness
Store and use the iPhone at room temperature
Turn off the music equalizer (EQ)
Lock Your iPhone

IPhone battery life


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Search your iPhone – new built-in feature: Spotlight search

May 14th, 2009 | 1 Comment | Posted in Apple, iPhone, ipod by admin

As we all know; Apple is coming out with new OS for iPhone, version 3.0. Apple has unveiled a few features aimed more at consumers, including copy and paste, stereo Bluetooth and spotlight search. (Search? you mean search - search)
How ironic it is– Apple is proudly announcing this as a prime feature where it suppose to be there from day one when they introduced iPhone. Don’t you think so?

Anyway, so there’s this thing called ’search’ which lets you search the content of all your emails metadata (not the text of email, just metadata, like, from, to, subject etc), contacts, calendars and anything in your iPod library.

How get a spotlight search?
(1) From Home (desktop) screen, flicking on right will bring up the new Spotlight search home screen. Start typing it, result will populate at the bottom. Tapping on search result will directly take you there or launch an application
(2) Assuming that you are at ‘Home’ screen, Click ‘Home’ button of your phone again. This leads to Spotlight search screen
(3) On ‘Home’ screen, just above below navigation bar, you will see magnifying glass icon; try to tap on it will lead to Spotlight search screen

Spotlight search

Spotlight search



I am sure it’s must have feature for iPhone but wonder why it took so long to get here. Are we captive audience of Apple or what?

The new OS will be available “in the summer” (Prior to Sept 22?), and will be free to iPhone 3G and original iPhone owners. There will be a $9.95 cost to iPod touch owners.

Via [iPhoneFreak and Gizmodo]

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Last minute notice from Apple to iPhone developers -All apps must be compatible with iPhone OS 3.0

May 7th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Apple, iPhone by admin

All applications for iPhone must compatible with OS 3.0. As we all know Apple is preparing for new OS 3.0 for iPhone but today apple sent out am email to all developer community saying that they are now reviewing (and accepting) applications made with and for the iPhone OS 3.0. Also Apple is asking developers of all existing apps to verify that there app should work with OS 3.0 and there should not be compatibility issue. This is big news for all iPhone application developers and very short notice for them to get ready for OS 3.0. This email upsets may developers -see this, this and this

Here is a text of an email:

All apps must be compatible with iPhone OS 3.0

Millions of iPhone and iPod touch customers will move to iPhone OS 3.0 this summer. Beginning today, all submissions to the App Store will be reviewed on the latest beta of iPhone OS 3.0. If your app submission is not compatible with iPhone OS 3.0, it will not be approved.

Existing apps in the App Store should already run on iPhone OS 3.0 without modification, but you should test your existing apps with iPhone OS 3.0 to ensure there are no compatibility issues. After iPhone OS 3.0 becomes available to customers, any app that is incompatible with iPhone OS 3.0 may be removed from the App Store.

Some important information on how to upgrade your iPhone OS to new 3.0:

  1. Log in to using your developer acount
  2. Download new iPhone SDK for 3.0 and install
  3. Download iTunes 8.2 and install (Must - in order to upgrade your iPhone with OS 3.0)
  4. Download iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5 or 4
  5. Connect your Phone with iTunes and ‘Restore’ your Phone using “iPhone OS 3.0 beta 5″

Fine print warning: There is no way back, if you want to downgrade your OS in future. Its permanent change.

iPhone 3.0 upgrade email

iPhone 3.0 upgrade email

Additional reading:
Breaking News: No new app submissions unless they run on OS 3.0

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PrefectStorm brings BlackBerry Storm theme into iPhone

January 15th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Apple, Geek, iPhone by admin

Those who switched from Blackberry phone to Apple iPhone and still missing their Blackberry, good news for you. PerfectStrome theme is available for download which gives feel and look of Blackberry to your iPhone.

Once the theme is installed, you’ll see that most of the user interface has been changed to resemble the Storm. This includes icons, lock-screen, calculator, media player, camera, dialer, sounds, Safari, and even a keyboard skin.

Downside: as always the case with iPhone theme, a jailbroken device is required (see this: How to set it free?)

Check out this MMi thread to see several nicer screen snaps, details on what you need to take the theme to the fullest, and a download link.

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Apple New Laptop - Video Report

October 14th, 2008 | 1 Comment | Posted in Apple, Computer, Technology Video by admin

Apple unveiled its new range of laptop computers last night, boasting aluminium MacBooks with glass trackpads and more powerful 3D graphics performance for the premium MacBook Pro series.

See Apple Laptop report from CNBC:


Apple Macbook air - La-la-la-la-la-la-la- Yael Naim

You might have seen latest “Apple Macbook air” commercial. It seems “Macbook air” is less popular than its commercial. According to Yahoo buzz news, her (Yaël Naïm) buzz has scaled up 550% in the past week. Yaël Naïm, Israeli singer is the latest to sing sweet song for the company’s newest product – Apple Macbook air. The tune itself, “New Soul,” has hit the top 50,000 in Buzz terms, and more people are still seeking out what that “macbook air commercial song” (+117%) is. It seems New Soul created more buzz than product itself. No matter what, song is really sweet and beautiful. All credit goes to David Donatien, Yael Naim and band- (and Apple too!)

Via [Yahoo buzz]

New Soul lyrics by Yael Naim

Yael Naim Band website Yael Naim On Wiki

Yael Naim On Myspace

New Soul CD on (opens in a new window)

Apple MacBook Air commercial

Introduction of the Apple MacBook Air (MacWorld 2008) - Part 1

Introduction of the Apple MacBook Air (MacWorld 2008) - Part 2

Just in case if you are interested, here is Walt Mossberg’s First Impressions of Apple’s MacBookAir: Link

Unboxing a MacBook Air

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Nuvifone: Garmin came out with iPhone like Nuviphone

Today in a surprise announcement in NY city, GARMIN (GRMN) came out the nuviphone. The phone seems to be packed with features. A full GSM Smartphone built with own operating system with GPS navigation system in its core including …

  • Google Local search
  • Garmin Online service like traffic, weather, fule price, hotel discounts ets
  • Nuvi like - big screen navigation
  • Email, IM, text and browsing
  • Camera, MP3 player, Video

No pricing and carrier of this phone yet but they are promising to deliver it in 3rd quarter of this year. It can make Garmin a little extra money to make up for
all that talk of losing market share to TomTom. However after announcement market doesn’t reflect much in stock price, in fact it went down by $1.50 as of today. I am sure competing with the iPhone will be hard. Not because the iPhone is so awesome (well may be not,) but because Apple has a cult-like following and evangelistic supporters. The last thing Garmin needs is to be on the receiving end of some kind of T.V. campaign like “Hi, I’m a Mac!…..Hi, I’m a Garmin!”

You may find all good functionality of NUVIPHONE in this video:

Nuvihphone promo video:

Here is some of its early pictures:

More pictures: here

via [Gizmod]

iPhone - Pocket guitar

I just came across the iphone guitar and I think its cool! I don’t have iPhone yet but If you have an iPhone you can find out more on this here.

Here is someone playing it

Via [gizmodo]